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Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Handbook

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Finland is the sauna country of the world. Sauna is deeply rooted into the country’s history, and in 2020 the Finnish sauna culture was chosen on the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage list. Finns know the secrets of sauna and have the know-how for building high-quality and enjoyable sauna experiences.


The scientifically proven health benefits, high-quality elements, and versatility of the Finnish sauna make it an excellent business concept for public saunas, and a competitive advantage and extra service for hotels, spas, and health clubs.


This handbook is the no. 1 tool for creating the best Finnish sauna experiences in the world. The inspiring articles are written in cooperation with Finnish sauna professionals and companies, and the comprehensive tips and instructions guide in designing new or existing sauna experiences into different surroundings and for different tastes.


The editor and publisher Sauna from Finland is a Finnish sauna expertise association and company network with a goal to create the best sauna experiences in the world. Sauna from Finland’s multisectoral company network includes everything needed for building authentic Finnish sauna experiences.


The experts of Sauna from Finland consult sauna service providers about developing high-quality customer experiences and grant the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Certificates for the sauna experiences that meet the demands of the quality criteria introduced in this handbook. The Quality Certificate communicates to the customers, business partners, and the staff that the sauna experience is among the greatest in the world.


Welcome to the journey towards an authentic Finnish sauna experience of your own!


Editor and publisher: Sauna from Finland.

Language: English

Size: 25,5cm x 18cm x 1,5cm or 10" x 7" x 0,6"


Offer for Sauna from Finland network members:


· When you order 5 books, you get one (1) additional book free of charge

· When you order 10 books, you get three (3) additional books free of charge


You don’t need to add the free copies to your cart—they will be added to your shipment automatically. So e.g. you want to get the buy 5 get 1 free, you just need to buy the 5 and we will add the free book to the shipment.


For orders of more than ten copies, please contact directly the publisher Sauna from Finland, sauna@saunafromfinland.fi.

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